Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Hype is Justified...(Another Obama Blog)

He made it. He did it. He's the truth. We believe in him...but not everyone, of course. And it's understandable that people will disagree with his policies, plans and maybe even him. But when all the naysayers, who I feel have started entirely too early, start nit-picking Obama and what he can do or what he promised, you have to wonder...would it matter whether it was Obama we've elected or Jesus.

On the radio, on t.v. and even at work, I hear people complaining that he won't be able to fix the economy, that he won't be able to fix the job market, that he can't quell this new cold war...
...and here's where I'm getting pissed...erhem:

Of course he can't do it alone... and the historic value behind his election is not only because he's black, but that this election has made a lot more people come together. So many people love what he's already bringing to this country, more respect from each other as well as other countries. To complain that he can't fix the economy is stupid. We all, as intellectuals, know that it's highly improbable that President Obama can fix our economic crisis, but the determination and diligence we feel he can put towards it will definitely get the ball rolling. Regardless to who's in office during this time, it'd take years to recover from what former President Bush has done.

And before anyone can accuse me of just being a Bush hater, look, for yourself, at the proof.
1 major example is this war that we're in.
  • We went in because of weapons of mass destruction....couldn't find any.
  • We went in for a man that was on the U.S. payroll as a C.I.A. operative and that we've treated at a U.S. Embassy Hospital when he was sick....I mean Bin Laden...couldn't find him in 8 years....weird.
  • We went in for him. We went in for a supposed regime change....done.
And the rest of the country, gung-ho on getting a man they've never heard about before 1998 and once again in 2001, forgets that war costs money, lots of money. To calm the people down over an expensive war, he lowered taxes... Put 2 and 2 together...increased spending and lowered taxes don't mix. Or when they do, we incur debt. And over the course of 8 years, amongst other things, former President Bush was the dirge behind the debacle. I feel that his entire camp committed murder, fraud, scandal, and from all those combined plus any I've missed, treason against America. If he were only able to be held accountable for his actions. We've impeached Nixon for unconstitutional practices and acts...tried to impeach Clinton for domestic faults... You can't possibly tell me that you don't feel that GWB isn't guilty of a higher crime and deserving of impeachment, let alone prison.

Back to the President Obama, celebrity; popular for what the people needed again, (as corny as it sounds), he brought hope to a country that had none. He brought faith to a people who've lost it. And to those people who don't think that Barack Obama can do the job of cleaning up the 8 year, two-term disaster that was George Walker Bush, you're absolutely right. The difference is, he never made those promises that he could or would. If you were paying any attention, as sure of himself as he was in his words, he'd repeatedly said WE. Not I, not them but WE. I listen to a lot of Tom Leykis for entertainment but he said it best; I prefer someone who says they want to do 50 things and only accomplish 25 as opposed to the person who focuses on what the other man didn't do. On top of that, people fail to realize that whatever law, sanction or tax the president tries to pass, has to be approved. In more ways than one, the president is no more than a centerpiece in this game.

Let's look back at New York City, 1990;
David Dinkins, first black mayor.
I guarantee if you ask anyone who cleaned up times square and reduced crime, you'd say Rudolph Gulliani... and you'd be wrong...Gulliani collected the spoils of Dinkins work. Same could be said for whomever we elect in 2012 (provided the world doesn't end), if we don't re-elect President Obama. Whatever Obama does from here to then, trying to fix our issues and bring other countries, that were made to hate us, come together, will undoubtedly gather spoils, that over time, most likely past his presidency, and fall to the next in line for the job.

Bottom line, we need to stop focusing on the individual and look at ourselves. We're fat and greedy. No other nation eats like us, buys like us, spends like us. We're hated globally. We kill our own and ourselves through consumption. We judge others that are no worse off than ourselves and the minute we come together and enjoy one-another's company and some people feel like they've accomplished something grand through the actions and victories of someone else, we divide again, looking for fault in the faultless. Trouble after triumph.
not the problem... we are.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

That Guy @ Work... "aghaaa"

I'm not gonna sit here and act like I always work while I'm at work...
Just take a look at the times when my blogs are written, and I work 9-5, m-f.
But regardless, when I am or when I'm not, 9 times out of 10, I don't want to be bothered. And don't get me wrong, this is not all the time but if you see me with my headphones on and my desk is in the corner...don't walk up to my desk and start rambling on about nothing. A joke here and there is cool...hell, I do it every now and then, but everything in moderation, right?

There's one guy at my job, a grandfather, looks to be in his mid 50's. [To give you a better image, if you've ever seen Coming to America, he sounds just like the Jewish man (played by Eddie Murphy) in the barbershop that was like "aghaaa! dere is no spoon!".]

My other co-worker, (let's call her M), is an attractive young woman who he hits on constantly... ['re not getting this, let me bold it: constantly!] And blatant and rude, like if it were any other office, he'd be fired and on the news or something. I mean, stuff like;
"M, stay still and Robert, pass me the camera so I can take picture under her desk"

"I like to look at your legs when you wear skirt, how come you no wear skirt anymore"

"Aw, you're wearing t-shirt that covers your boobs,
now what do I have to look at in the morning?"

This sounds really bad...we all know he's joking but it's still highly inappropriate. She's a tough cookie and says it doesn't bother her, he's just a dirty old man, she's tough... [she's hispanic]
But daily? And at least 10-15 times a day? I ain't no punk, and I want to say something but he's the human resources/accountant.....and our bosses' uncle.

I mean, she's a grown woman, if she wanted to she would say something...and she has sometimes but really like "ok, ok...enough" and he'll smirk and go back to his desk. She's one of the types that's too tough to need anyone to stick up for her. (b.s) But wait, there's more...

The 2008 Presidential Election. He KEPT COMING TO MY DESK, like...
"you voting for Obama?"
"You want Obama to vin?"
"that's gonna be da shortest term in history"

When Obama won, he kept saying:
"Is it time to go home yet? Robert can go cause Obama von"
"You can take lunch whenever you vant, Obama is president!"

Recently, our other co-worker took a flight home (to another country) and he kept saying:
"Robert, ask him if his plane crashes, could you have his car...."
"Go take picture of him so we can have a before picture to put over casket"
"Say your goodbyes now. Prepare hees eulogy"

A plane crashes in the Hudson River in NY and he told us to look at the footage to see if we can see them hauling him away.

I think you get it now.

I don't want to say I'm not a complainer, I mean, look...I'm writing a blog. [Complainer Diaries]
But it's not something I feel like putting up with much more. I bought a better pair of headphones...the ear-cups. YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE I'M LISTENING TO SOMETHING. Or even if I'm not I leave them on all day...they keep my ears warm.

I mean, he's not a bad guy, he told me from day one, he means no harm in what he says...
(you're not entirely going to agree with that because of what I'm telling you) but everything in moderation, right? Anyways...that's my vent...sorta... I'm pretty sure everyone has that one annoying co-worker but that's mine. Sound off.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Cheater Gene

It's everywhere you look.
Every other t.v. show, damn near every movie, even promoting on the radio.

Every day, to and from work, I listen to 97.1 LA for the Adam Carolla show and Tom Leykis and, sometimes, during the commercials, I get this one ad for a site called Since there'd really be no way for me to describe this ad with the, here's one of the video commercials that I found on the web:

click here for commercial 1
click here for commercial 2

The site promotes and advocates that you should cheat on your spouse or significant other because 'life is short and you deserve it'. Seriously?

Listen, I can care less what you do with your life. I'm not in your home or in your bedroom but hopefully you have more sense or at least enough respect for yourself and another person to stay faithful. Wait, ok, how about're in a relationship, but you know your hormones and your tendencies... how about talk to the person you're with and try to find out why it's not working? If you're too cool for that, how bout you just say it's not working and leave? Cause no matter what you say, how much you love the person you're with and you don't want to hurt them or you want stay with them but you need to get the freaky-deek out of your system, it's not fair to the other person. Just leave. Give them the choice to stay with you or not. Were you that much of a looser that you had to marry the first thing that came along that looked good, would sleep with you or made you feel secure? Sure, cheat because you deserve it? I personally think these sites are selfish and stupid.

And it's not just the's t.v. and movies, especially. I just, against my will, saw the latest,
(I think) Tyler Perry flick, 'The Family That Preys'...
(but trust me, you're not missing anything)

In it, Sanai Lathan gets married to this dude. Her mom is best friends with a rich woman who throws the wedding for her. The rich womans' son and wife attend the wedding, where at the reception, the son offers the wife a really high paying job....blah blah blah, later you find out that the woman Sanai is playing, who happens to be the royalest of all royal bitches, who constantly tells her husband he's nothing, finally admits that she's been cheating on him with the son of her moms friend. She made it look glorious.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Comedy, yes, but she cheats on this dude. Yeah, he's a little whiny...but damn.

Unfaithful...there's a title you can't escape from. WTF?! The husband had to kill frenchy at the end.

The Namesake... I mean damn. And she was a looker but geez.

Derailed, The Last Kiss, Vanilla Sky, Alfie, I Think I Love My Wife, She Hate Me, Road Trip, Lord of War, Black Snake Moan...

You're starting to get the point...

Is that the IN thing now? It's not like it's new but is that what's needed to promote movies and shows? Hell, even in Family Guy, Lois cheats on Peter. A few times.

How bout taking the Tom Leykis approach and avoid all of the drama and sneaking around by just not getting into relationships? He feels they are a complete waste of time, energy and money. You know what? Since these sites exist, it's almost tantamount to those statements.

It's not like how it was back in the days, when divorce was almost a crime or for some, a sin. Divorce rates are extremely high these days. Some would argue that it's because of unfulfilled desires & needs or attractions that people terminate their marriages. Others would argue it's because of sites like these or other mediums that go against the now antiquated notion of monogamy. Either way you slice it, if you're the type of person that knows that you get bored with people easily, can't sit still in a relationship, can barely keep a pet...just don't do it. If you feel like you need to cheat...just leave the relationship. Obviously it's not working enough to maintain your total interest or at least respect for the other person.

We haven't even gotten to the juicy part yet. What about the other cheating person? If you're all hopped up on hormies that you need to dabble in new flesh, then 9 times out of 10 are you really thinking about what these people could possibly have? Their past partners, or their partner's partners? And even if you're not so concerned about that, and you've taken certain measures that could potentially (but most likely not) keep you from getting caught, then what about herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, crabs, chlamydia, HPV & HIV-AIDS? What happens when your significant other notices a little limp when you walk, your new case of itchy-scratchy, the way you yell when you go to the bathroom? Oh, how about this; ladies...feeling a little naucious in the morning? 'Late'? Explain that one. And please don't be the one to think the person you've 'taken' or the person that's 'taken' you, is gonna stay with you. Even if they do, you can't possibly think that mr. or mrs. 'stolen goods' won't do the same to you that they've done to someone else.

Look, I'm not here to get all up in your ass about this but let's have some more respect for others and ourselves. Watch it on t.v., fine. But there's no happy ending, no theme song and at the end of the day, you're going to get caught or eventually break up with the person you're cheating on anyways. You might as well end it now.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Sissy Society Strain

Who's afraid of the big bad...peanut?

(because I can't speak for any other country)
is filled with paranoid, hypochondriac, sissies...

A woman in Las Vegas is filing a lawsuit against the company that makes the BRATZ dolls because the rockstar doll she bought her 8 year old daughter has the word 'ENTER' on it's belt buckle and "she doesn't want her daughter to grow up a slut".
the phone with the company, she complains that the specific doll promotes promiscuity. They apologized, told her she'd get a refund and they'll send her daughter 5 free dolls of any choice. Her response was "No, I want the entire rockstar doll taken out of circulation, off the market completely".

Passengers on a Southwestern Airline flight to Las Vegas from
Los Angeles we
re surprised to find that the flight they were on removed all of the dry roasted peanuts that were supposed to be served mid-flight because a passenger called ahead about their son, claiming that peanuts will send the child into anaphylactic shock. Instead of simply refusing the snack when offered, they suggested the flight not carry any at all during the flight, affecting all passengers.

This may not sound like much, but these are two real examples of how we, as a society have become so 'touchy' and scared with every new thing we hear about or see on t.v.
As far as the woman who wanted to remove the Bratz doll, get real... I personally think that all of those dolls are skanky, at best, but that doesn't mean that you have to ruin'fun' for other girls out there who's parents don't mind their influences be skanky midgets with big heads. Obvisouly that can't be the case if Paris Hilton is still allowed to rome the earth freely with her skankness.
[ok that was a blow, but you see where I'm coming from]
Why is she so involved in what other parents let their daughters (and some sons) play with. Our amendments grant that company the right to make any toy they want and be governed only by the fcc and their distributors to which market and demographic they can sell in. Who are you, lady? On top of that, it's not like the box that the doll came in was tinted and stuffed in a paper bag... you can see what the doll was wearing when you bought it for your 8 year old, who I believe, wouldn't have put 2 & whore together yet. If she can, doesn't that mean you need to change your teaching or what she could possibly see around her neighborhood and not in her toybox? For that matter, you can't possibly tell me that the woman, herself, never played with a barbie doll and took all of barbies clothes off and plastic humped barbie and ken together. Barbie was the original skank. She had all the playhouses, mansions, ferraris and skimpy clothes. No one said anything about that... Back to topic, IF this woman feels like that Bratz doll was so offensive, then shouldn't you want the entire line of Bratz dolls to be pulled? All of them, not one type, are made to look like little skanks.

For me to go further into this subject would leave a lot to be read and my boss might walk in and see me blogging which, in reality, is something to worry about.

There are definitely more sissy strains in society, like; sex vs. violence...
That's part 2.

Let me know what you think on this subject.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Random acts of Blindness...

I just need to blow off some steam...

Moved to California a little over a year and a half ago, didn't get a car out here until recent. Sometimes, I wish I could just walk to work. [And by my next statement I do not mean all], but damn near ALL CALIFORNIA DRIVERS CANNOT DRIVE!!

Here's why:
  • no signaling
  • no signaling when turning
  • no signaling when cutting into another lane
  • no signaling when cutting into another lane INCHES in front of someone
(seriously, how hard is it to flick the lever which should be right by your hands anyways?)
  • veering over the lane lines, swerving into another lane
  • tailgating
  • talking on the phone
  • putting makeup on in the mirror
  • driving in the fast lane going the speed limit or slower
  • people who drive 10 miles an hour
  • people who drive 10 miles an hour to turn 2 blocks away
  • sleepy drivers
  • people who clog freeways because they forget the exits are on the right
  • spectators
  • people who'd rather watch the scenery and the view than the road
...there's more, I'm just giving the short version...