Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Cheater Gene

It's everywhere you look.
Every other t.v. show, damn near every movie, even promoting on the radio.

Every day, to and from work, I listen to 97.1 LA for the Adam Carolla show and Tom Leykis and, sometimes, during the commercials, I get this one ad for a site called Since there'd really be no way for me to describe this ad with the, here's one of the video commercials that I found on the web:

click here for commercial 1
click here for commercial 2

The site promotes and advocates that you should cheat on your spouse or significant other because 'life is short and you deserve it'. Seriously?

Listen, I can care less what you do with your life. I'm not in your home or in your bedroom but hopefully you have more sense or at least enough respect for yourself and another person to stay faithful. Wait, ok, how about're in a relationship, but you know your hormones and your tendencies... how about talk to the person you're with and try to find out why it's not working? If you're too cool for that, how bout you just say it's not working and leave? Cause no matter what you say, how much you love the person you're with and you don't want to hurt them or you want stay with them but you need to get the freaky-deek out of your system, it's not fair to the other person. Just leave. Give them the choice to stay with you or not. Were you that much of a looser that you had to marry the first thing that came along that looked good, would sleep with you or made you feel secure? Sure, cheat because you deserve it? I personally think these sites are selfish and stupid.

And it's not just the's t.v. and movies, especially. I just, against my will, saw the latest,
(I think) Tyler Perry flick, 'The Family That Preys'...
(but trust me, you're not missing anything)

In it, Sanai Lathan gets married to this dude. Her mom is best friends with a rich woman who throws the wedding for her. The rich womans' son and wife attend the wedding, where at the reception, the son offers the wife a really high paying job....blah blah blah, later you find out that the woman Sanai is playing, who happens to be the royalest of all royal bitches, who constantly tells her husband he's nothing, finally admits that she's been cheating on him with the son of her moms friend. She made it look glorious.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Comedy, yes, but she cheats on this dude. Yeah, he's a little whiny...but damn.

Unfaithful...there's a title you can't escape from. WTF?! The husband had to kill frenchy at the end.

The Namesake... I mean damn. And she was a looker but geez.

Derailed, The Last Kiss, Vanilla Sky, Alfie, I Think I Love My Wife, She Hate Me, Road Trip, Lord of War, Black Snake Moan...

You're starting to get the point...

Is that the IN thing now? It's not like it's new but is that what's needed to promote movies and shows? Hell, even in Family Guy, Lois cheats on Peter. A few times.

How bout taking the Tom Leykis approach and avoid all of the drama and sneaking around by just not getting into relationships? He feels they are a complete waste of time, energy and money. You know what? Since these sites exist, it's almost tantamount to those statements.

It's not like how it was back in the days, when divorce was almost a crime or for some, a sin. Divorce rates are extremely high these days. Some would argue that it's because of unfulfilled desires & needs or attractions that people terminate their marriages. Others would argue it's because of sites like these or other mediums that go against the now antiquated notion of monogamy. Either way you slice it, if you're the type of person that knows that you get bored with people easily, can't sit still in a relationship, can barely keep a pet...just don't do it. If you feel like you need to cheat...just leave the relationship. Obviously it's not working enough to maintain your total interest or at least respect for the other person.

We haven't even gotten to the juicy part yet. What about the other cheating person? If you're all hopped up on hormies that you need to dabble in new flesh, then 9 times out of 10 are you really thinking about what these people could possibly have? Their past partners, or their partner's partners? And even if you're not so concerned about that, and you've taken certain measures that could potentially (but most likely not) keep you from getting caught, then what about herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, crabs, chlamydia, HPV & HIV-AIDS? What happens when your significant other notices a little limp when you walk, your new case of itchy-scratchy, the way you yell when you go to the bathroom? Oh, how about this; ladies...feeling a little naucious in the morning? 'Late'? Explain that one. And please don't be the one to think the person you've 'taken' or the person that's 'taken' you, is gonna stay with you. Even if they do, you can't possibly think that mr. or mrs. 'stolen goods' won't do the same to you that they've done to someone else.

Look, I'm not here to get all up in your ass about this but let's have some more respect for others and ourselves. Watch it on t.v., fine. But there's no happy ending, no theme song and at the end of the day, you're going to get caught or eventually break up with the person you're cheating on anyways. You might as well end it now.


  1. I like this a lot. Its nice to see someone actually writing about real life things but being straight up about it!! Have a good one :)

  2. This is a good blog. Too bad that most people in this world don't think about the things mentioned.

  3. I actually did a blog on that damn Ashley Madison nonsense too, and its funny they rarely play the commercials on NYC radio like they do in LA , I assume and that is a good observation to look into. Anyway...I think as I said recently...Being HUMAN for us is on auto-pilot. It is hard being monogamous no matter how you slice it. I have been with my man for 11 YEARS and I would be lying if I said I don't look and wonder sometimes about something else. Once in a blue. Hell every time I look at Barack Obama I melt like butter on a hot pan, and that's real talk! I love my man, I would never want to hurt him but the truth is I have human emotions and we all do. I am sure he looks at his eye candies too and maybe even participate in some charismatic exchanges..but so what! I am good and I am not pyscho. People have to let people breathe! PERIOD! It comes down to character. If you are a person of your word and integrity you just wont do another person dirty. Love has nothing to do with it. You can love someone and slip. That is real. I am typing up a get what I am saying.