Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Hype is Justified...(Another Obama Blog)

He made it. He did it. He's the truth. We believe in him...but not everyone, of course. And it's understandable that people will disagree with his policies, plans and maybe even him. But when all the naysayers, who I feel have started entirely too early, start nit-picking Obama and what he can do or what he promised, you have to wonder...would it matter whether it was Obama we've elected or Jesus.

On the radio, on t.v. and even at work, I hear people complaining that he won't be able to fix the economy, that he won't be able to fix the job market, that he can't quell this new cold war...
...and here's where I'm getting pissed...erhem:

Of course he can't do it alone... and the historic value behind his election is not only because he's black, but that this election has made a lot more people come together. So many people love what he's already bringing to this country, more respect from each other as well as other countries. To complain that he can't fix the economy is stupid. We all, as intellectuals, know that it's highly improbable that President Obama can fix our economic crisis, but the determination and diligence we feel he can put towards it will definitely get the ball rolling. Regardless to who's in office during this time, it'd take years to recover from what former President Bush has done.

And before anyone can accuse me of just being a Bush hater, look, for yourself, at the proof.
1 major example is this war that we're in.
  • We went in because of weapons of mass destruction....couldn't find any.
  • We went in for a man that was on the U.S. payroll as a C.I.A. operative and that we've treated at a U.S. Embassy Hospital when he was sick....I mean Bin Laden...couldn't find him in 8 years....weird.
  • We went in for him. We went in for a supposed regime change....done.
And the rest of the country, gung-ho on getting a man they've never heard about before 1998 and once again in 2001, forgets that war costs money, lots of money. To calm the people down over an expensive war, he lowered taxes... Put 2 and 2 together...increased spending and lowered taxes don't mix. Or when they do, we incur debt. And over the course of 8 years, amongst other things, former President Bush was the dirge behind the debacle. I feel that his entire camp committed murder, fraud, scandal, and from all those combined plus any I've missed, treason against America. If he were only able to be held accountable for his actions. We've impeached Nixon for unconstitutional practices and acts...tried to impeach Clinton for domestic faults... You can't possibly tell me that you don't feel that GWB isn't guilty of a higher crime and deserving of impeachment, let alone prison.

Back to the President Obama, celebrity; popular for what the people needed again, (as corny as it sounds), he brought hope to a country that had none. He brought faith to a people who've lost it. And to those people who don't think that Barack Obama can do the job of cleaning up the 8 year, two-term disaster that was George Walker Bush, you're absolutely right. The difference is, he never made those promises that he could or would. If you were paying any attention, as sure of himself as he was in his words, he'd repeatedly said WE. Not I, not them but WE. I listen to a lot of Tom Leykis for entertainment but he said it best; I prefer someone who says they want to do 50 things and only accomplish 25 as opposed to the person who focuses on what the other man didn't do. On top of that, people fail to realize that whatever law, sanction or tax the president tries to pass, has to be approved. In more ways than one, the president is no more than a centerpiece in this game.

Let's look back at New York City, 1990;
David Dinkins, first black mayor.
I guarantee if you ask anyone who cleaned up times square and reduced crime, you'd say Rudolph Gulliani... and you'd be wrong...Gulliani collected the spoils of Dinkins work. Same could be said for whomever we elect in 2012 (provided the world doesn't end), if we don't re-elect President Obama. Whatever Obama does from here to then, trying to fix our issues and bring other countries, that were made to hate us, come together, will undoubtedly gather spoils, that over time, most likely past his presidency, and fall to the next in line for the job.

Bottom line, we need to stop focusing on the individual and look at ourselves. We're fat and greedy. No other nation eats like us, buys like us, spends like us. We're hated globally. We kill our own and ourselves through consumption. We judge others that are no worse off than ourselves and the minute we come together and enjoy one-another's company and some people feel like they've accomplished something grand through the actions and victories of someone else, we divide again, looking for fault in the faultless. Trouble after triumph.
not the problem... we are.

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