Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Sissy Society Strain

Who's afraid of the big bad...peanut?

(because I can't speak for any other country)
is filled with paranoid, hypochondriac, sissies...

A woman in Las Vegas is filing a lawsuit against the company that makes the BRATZ dolls because the rockstar doll she bought her 8 year old daughter has the word 'ENTER' on it's belt buckle and "she doesn't want her daughter to grow up a slut".
the phone with the company, she complains that the specific doll promotes promiscuity. They apologized, told her she'd get a refund and they'll send her daughter 5 free dolls of any choice. Her response was "No, I want the entire rockstar doll taken out of circulation, off the market completely".

Passengers on a Southwestern Airline flight to Las Vegas from
Los Angeles we
re surprised to find that the flight they were on removed all of the dry roasted peanuts that were supposed to be served mid-flight because a passenger called ahead about their son, claiming that peanuts will send the child into anaphylactic shock. Instead of simply refusing the snack when offered, they suggested the flight not carry any at all during the flight, affecting all passengers.

This may not sound like much, but these are two real examples of how we, as a society have become so 'touchy' and scared with every new thing we hear about or see on t.v.
As far as the woman who wanted to remove the Bratz doll, get real... I personally think that all of those dolls are skanky, at best, but that doesn't mean that you have to ruin'fun' for other girls out there who's parents don't mind their influences be skanky midgets with big heads. Obvisouly that can't be the case if Paris Hilton is still allowed to rome the earth freely with her skankness.
[ok that was a blow, but you see where I'm coming from]
Why is she so involved in what other parents let their daughters (and some sons) play with. Our amendments grant that company the right to make any toy they want and be governed only by the fcc and their distributors to which market and demographic they can sell in. Who are you, lady? On top of that, it's not like the box that the doll came in was tinted and stuffed in a paper bag... you can see what the doll was wearing when you bought it for your 8 year old, who I believe, wouldn't have put 2 & whore together yet. If she can, doesn't that mean you need to change your teaching or what she could possibly see around her neighborhood and not in her toybox? For that matter, you can't possibly tell me that the woman, herself, never played with a barbie doll and took all of barbies clothes off and plastic humped barbie and ken together. Barbie was the original skank. She had all the playhouses, mansions, ferraris and skimpy clothes. No one said anything about that... Back to topic, IF this woman feels like that Bratz doll was so offensive, then shouldn't you want the entire line of Bratz dolls to be pulled? All of them, not one type, are made to look like little skanks.

For me to go further into this subject would leave a lot to be read and my boss might walk in and see me blogging which, in reality, is something to worry about.

There are definitely more sissy strains in society, like; sex vs. violence...
That's part 2.

Let me know what you think on this subject.


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